Tower project in the centre of Tallinn, 2007









Proposal A, 60.000m2

The project’s central position in the heart of Tallinn required an exceptional solution. Located at the edge of the area reserved for tall buildings, it is designed on top of an existing building. This building, used in Soviet times for the party’s nomenclatura and known as the Valuta Building, stands out by its structure, clad in dark brick, and despite its history is cherished very much.

The proposed design resulted therefore in two clearly components: the present building with all the main entrances, public areas as shops, brasserie-restaurant, and the tall, slender tower above, where the hotel and apartments are situated, together with small offices and spaciious wintergardens as part of the natural ventilation. The direct internal connection between the lower building and the tower is achieved with the main atrium, starting from the fourth floor upwards through all the hotel floors. 

Shape and materials of the tower are related to the existing building underneath. Its dark-brown metal outer skin refers tothe brickwalls below.

Parking is located in the 6-7 storey basement. Its structure is  also in line with the existing building.

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Proposal B, 70.000m2

This building consists of two wings, connected by a central ttraffic system.

The resulting wings are therefore very flexible in their use as shopping areas and apartments. In this proposal the existing building is not retained. approach. 

It should be noted, that both proposals comply with the very strict regulations for zoning in this area, especially the shadowing effect on the apartment buildings to the north.

The City Architects of Tallinn preferred proposal A, due to proposal B’s similarity to another structure nearby, consisting of two towers very close to each other.

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