The competition for the Arvo Pärt Music Centre in Rakvere, Estonia, 2009 

Named after Estonia’s foremost modern composer, the Centre consists of the church (1938) and a new auxiliary building.

The church was used in Soviet times as a sports hall and, besides used as a church, should become a concert hall with excellent acouistics. The programme for the auxiliary building consisted of smaller concert and rehearsal halls, an exhibition hall and a cafe.

Together with the large, reorganised sqare in front, the complex is intended to become an important architectural entity in the centre of the town

In the competition entry, the new building is connected to the church on both levels, ground floor and upper floor, resulting in a very flexible use of all spaces and areas. The church itself could be restored with simple means.

Acoustics: Renz van Luxemburg, Level Acoustics, Eindhoven